The New School Exeter
An independent
pre-preparatory school
for boys and girls
aged 3-7 years
Beyond the Classroom

Beyond the classroom

Clubs and Activities

At The New School we strongly believe that the successful development
of our children is about so much more than just what they learn in the classroom.

Our extra-curricular programme includes a variety of activities - all of which take place in school, usually at the end of the school day.

Our piano teacher visits on a Monday and takes individual lessons throughout the day. Our Class 4 (Year 2) teacher is a music graduate and teaches music across the school. She also offers individual violin lessons out of hours.

School Trips

Pirate Day at the New School

For us, school trips form a vital part of the learning experience and allow us to make the very most of the beautiful and interesting area in which we live.

Our trips are planned to complement the topic work that is being undertaken in school so that the children's learning is enhanced by real life experiences.

Most importantly, we always have a lot of fun on our trips and usually try to build in time for an ice-cream on the seafront or a small picnic in the park!


Faeries at the New School

Special assemblies and events create some of the most magical moments at school which we are all able to share together. From our Mother's Day Assembly in March to Christmas Nativities or Easter Egg Hunts, all our children, staff and, of course parents love to take part in these activities which bring the whole school community together.

“My favourite thing is playing in the playground but I love drawing. And my best trip was when I was in Class 1 all that time ago and we went to the Rod and Bens.”

Zachary (Pupil)
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