19 Mar

Exeter School and The New School merger

Exeter School and The New School are delighted to announce that as from Friday 19 March 2021, The New School, Exminster has joined forces with Exeter School to create an independent, co-educational pre-prep, junior and senior school.

For many families Exeter Junior School has been the natural progression for their children following their pre-prep years in Exminster, and the two schools are very pleased that these formative years will now be part of the Exeter School family. This means that children can now enjoy a full 3-18 experience of an Exeter School education, from the early years through to the sixth form. Exeter School will continue to welcome applicants from the same wide range of schools as usual.

Initially, there will be very few changes that are evident in the day to day running of the school, and the high quality of early years education will be the same for all New School children and their families. Changes will be gradual, supporting the children and their teachers and enhancing their educational journey as the relationship grows and strengthens.

Michelle Taylor, former head of Exeter Junior School and proprietor of The New School, said: “It has been my privilege to work with so many talented and delightful children during my fifteen years at The New School and I shall miss them enormously. I take great comfort in knowing their future will be secure and I shall continue to observe their progress from afar.”

Miss Taylor has provided inspiring leadership, making The New School synonymous with excellent education, by working with parents, staff, and the children; she leaves behind an outstanding legacy which Exeter School will continue to develop and enrich.

Louise Simpson, head of Exeter School, said: “The New School has flourished under Michelle’s proprietorship, and we are looking forward to welcoming pupils and their families into the Exeter School community. Our aim is to provide a truly exceptional educational offering from the early years right through to the sixth form, enabling our young people to grow into independent, confident, and versatile Exonians. This exciting development is a wonderful opportunity for Exeter School to build on its centuries-long educational history and provide a truly well-rounded education for girls and boys that is fit for the future.”


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