Inspection Reports

The New School has again been awarded an 'outstanding' grade in the latest Ofsted report.

The school's Ofsted report 2017 had this to say in its overall evaluation of the school:

The school is exceptionally well led and managed by the headteacher. She is fully supported by her team of senior leaders, including those responsible for the Reception and Nursery classes. There is a warm and convivial atmosphere which ensures that pupils feel happy and secure in the school and are inspired to learn. They have vision, ambition and enthusiasm and provide exemplary role models for the children in the school.

Senior leaders' consistent drive to provide a rich and stimulating curriculum and to sustain high- quality teaching enables pupils to thrive and make great strides in their learning, particularly in literacy and numeracy.

Teachers assess pupils' learning consistently and plan next steps very carefully so that all pupils are challenged at an appropriate level, make consistently good progress from their starting points and achieve well.

Children in the early years make excellent progress in their learning and personal development. They are safe, extremely well looked after and nurtured by highly committed staff.

The behaviour of pupils is exemplary. There is no disruption or lack of focus in lessons. Pupils enjoy school and are eager to learn. They are inquisitive and share their curiosity and eagerness to learn with staff who fully support them in their learning at all times.

Regular personal, social and health education lessons contribute well to pupils' increasing spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. They celebrate special cultural days. This helps them understand and accept others. Pupils feel that they would benefit from even greater exposure to different views and opinions.

Parents are overwhelmingly positive about the school. They appreciate the hard work and commitment of the headteacher and her staff to their children's well-being and next steps.

The headteacher has ensured that all of the independent school standards are met, including the statutory requirements for the early years foundation stage.

In January 2020, the new headmistress led the school successfuly through it's first ISI inspection. The New School meets all the standards in the schedule to the Education Regulations 2014.