Year 2

Year 2 (6-7 years old)

Children in this class are often preparing to take the entrance tests for local selective independent schools. We have a very high success rate in gaining places for children in the schools of their choice and many are awarded scholarships each year. We work hard to ensure that the children themselves are unaware of any pressure that their parents may be feeling and we focus on building on the foundations which have been put in place during their time here. The children also look forward to the additional roles, responsibilities and privileges they enjoy from being 'top of the school' for the year, all of which nurtures their confidence before moving on.

Again, topic based work is at the heart of our approach and in this year, children thrive on being given additional responsibilities around the school. At the end of the summer term we say a sad farewell to our children and wish them every success at the school of their choice. Many of them transfer together which makes the transition as smooth and secure as it is possible to be.