Nursery (3-4 years old)

In this class, the week is divided into 10 sessions (2 per day, morning and afternoon) and we offer a flexible programme through the week. Some children join us for two sessions initially and then take on more sessions as they become more confident. Some are ready to stay for a full day right from the outset. By talking with staff on a daily basis, parents can see how their child is responding and we can then vary their time at school accordingly.

In this class, we offer a range of activities which aim to encourage learning through play. Our children are given plenty of opportunities to play both indoors and outdoors, exploring the world around them. Our shelves are packed with stimulating toys, books, and practical teaching aids that help our children grow in confidence and quickly settle into enjoying school life.

We are guided by the government's Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) programme and all children have an individual learning record and activities planned to support their individual developmental needs.