Our Parents' Views

'The New School is amazing and gives each pupil the best education possible'.
Mr and Mrs M, Topsham

'To the joys of growing free-thinking minds! Thank you for all your support this year'.
Mr and Mrs W, Kenton

'Our son has flourished... he is so sad to be leaving such a wonderful school'.
Dr and Dr O, Kenton

'Thank you for providing such a wonderful cocoon for our child's formative years. Words cannot describe how grateful we are and always will be for all you have done and given to us. We wish you all the very best and that the school continues to flourish... passion and care will never go out of style!'
Dr and Dr W, Clyst St George

'Your work is beyond amazing. You are doing such an exceptional job. We have been so lucky to have found the school'.
Mr and Dr T, St Leonard's

'Miss Taylor and all of the staff are outstanding and made our son feel like he belonged from day one. The routine is well structured and expectations are clear for the children to understand. Our son has learnt so much about himself and achieved considerably, academically. We can never thank them enough for the amazing time our son has had at the New School. Outstanding!!'
Mr and Mrs S, Exeter