Our Staff

Our highly qualified and experienced staff are able to provide a personalised approach to each child's learning journey.
Mr Daniel Ayling Mr Daniel Ayling
Mrs Helen Martin Mrs Helen Martin
Head of Early Years, Reception Teacher
Mrs Elizabeth Richards Mrs Elizabeth Richards
Head of Key Stage One, Year 2 Teacher
Mrs Caroline Smyth Mrs Caroline Smyth
Nursery Teacher
Miss Annabel Lawrence Miss Annabel Lawrence
Year 1 Teacher
Miss Chloe Knight Miss Chloe Knight
Nursery Manager
Mrs Rebecca Titchin Mrs Rebecca Titchin
Nursery Teaching Assistant
Mrs Debbie Goodwill Mrs Debbie Goodwill
Year 2 Teacher
Mrs Maddie Dray Mrs Maddie Dray
Reception Teaching Assistant
Mrs Carolyn Tyler Mrs Carolyn Tyler
Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Lisa Thomas-Jenkins Mrs Lisa Thomas-Jenkins
Year 1 Teaching Assistant
Miss Lori Adams Miss Lori Adams
Year 2 Teaching Assistant
Mrs Joy Moore Mrs Joy Moore
Administration Assistant and Head’s PA
Mrs Toots MacKinnon Mrs Toots MacKinnon
Minibus Driver and Lunchtime Supervisor
Ruffles Ruffles
School Therapy Dog